Elisa isoardi, the extraordinary resemblance to mom Irma on Instagram

Elisa isoardi, the extraordinary resemblance to mom Irma on Instagram

Gorgeous as always, Elisa Isoardi shares a photo with her mother Irma: the two are very similar

Elisa Isoardi, the 38 years of the presenter between private life and television

This is a moment of great relaxation for Elisa Isoardi, who has returned to her beloved mountains to spend a few days with her mother Irma. Together, the two devoted themselves to their great common passion: cooking. And the presenter has decided to share a beautiful shot that portrays them close, showing their enormous similarity.

"Who wants to taste?" – wrote Elisa Isoardi on Instagram, revealing her latest commitment. She is literally "hands-on", intent on preparing some delicious dish in the company of her mother, Mrs. Irma. The menu of the day, apparently, includes plenty of fresh pasta: while the expert cooks show the result of their efforts, it is impossible not to notice how similar the two are. Mother and daughter have the same smile, the very smile with which Isoardi has enchanted thousands of viewers.

Together they are beautiful, and the great complicity that binds them is evident: Elisa has repeatedly told of the splendid relationship she has with her mother Irma, an extraordinary woman. It was she who gave her all the support she needed when, still very young, the presenter decided to leave her hometown to try her luck in Rome. And she is still his first fan, always by his side in times of need.

In these days, Elisa Isoardi is enjoying the affection of her loved ones: after leaving the capital for Colletto di Castelmagno, a tiny hamlet in the Cuneo area where she was born and raised, the former host of La Prova del Cuoco is giving herself a few moments of rest. Thus, we see her not only in the kitchen with her mother, but also on the bike while relaxing outdoors and in a small mountain church.

On the other hand, these quiet rhythms could soon be swept away by a new television adventure. If in recent months Isoardi participated in Dancing with the Stars together with Raimondo Todaro, it seems that she has already been called in the cast of the Island of the Famous. And in Honduras she will certainly not have time to rest, in a strenuous fight for survival: even if her participation has not yet been made official, fans can't wait to find her on TV once again grappling with a breathtaking challenge.

Elisa Isoardi, the similarity with her mother Irma

Elisa Isoardi and her mother Irma

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