Elisa Isoardi, the kiss on the child on Instagram makes you discuss. She is silent

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Elisa Isoardi publishes a photo on Instagram and triggers the controversy. She prefers to remain silent and does not respond to criticism

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Elisa Isoardi has posted a photo on her Instagram profile that portrays her while kissing a baby on the lips.

Commenting on the shot, the beautiful Elisa writes: "When love is true and selfless, the result is this: pure joy!". In the image, the presenter of the Cook Test is sitting on a deck chair in the garden with the baby.

The photo got thousands of likes but sparked controversy. Many followers do not approve of the kiss on the mouth and criticize Isoardi on Instagram, sometimes fiercely:

But how XXX are you kissing a baby in the mouth?

It's still:

I also think so. You can't teach a child to kiss in the mouth but what culture is this?

Others wonder who the child is and what connection he has with the presenter, justifying a kiss of that type only in the mother-child relationship. Many fans, however, see only tenderness:

Pure and your tenderness while affectionately kissing this beautiful little one, pure your sweet love for him, pure indeed very pure as the water that flows from a mountain stream are you elided for me! What to add more … I want you a world of ethereal good!

While there are those who react light-heartedly and would simply like to be in the place of that little one. Certainly the photo makes you discuss. Belen had also been targeted long ago for sharing images where she kissed her son Santiago on the lips.

The question of whether it is appropriate to kiss a baby on the mouth is much debated among experts. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Simona Dal Pozzo, psychotherapist of the developmental age, had given a contrary opinion: "The kiss on the mouth is an" adult "gesture, which risks being out of place, intrusive". At two or three years old – explained the expert to the newspaper – "The kiss on the mouth by mom or dad can be a confusing gesture".

Elisa Isoardi did not respond to criticism from her followers, nor did she clarify who the little boy in the photo was. The presenter preferred not to get involved in the controversy.

For another summer, the beautiful Elisa was at the center of the scene between statements about the story ended with Matteo Salvini, the topless photo and the unjustified malice of those who bullied her for a few extra pounds.

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