Elisa Isoardi, the secret of her perfect tan

Elisa Isoardi between gaffes and errors conquers everyone at La Prova del Cuoco

The host shared her secret on Instagram to have perfect golden skin

It is time for some relaxation also for Elisa Isoardi. The talented host, who in these weeks is frantically working to prepare for the next season of The Proof of the Cook, has in fact decided to take a short break.

No holidays for her, at least for the moment. Isoardi is too busy with its staff to find new ideas, in order to start off again from the first episodes of the cooking show, next September. But who said he can't relax for a few hours in the sun?

And so, this weekend Elisa published on her Instagram profile a photo that portrays her on the terrace of her house, while reading a good book in a swimsuit. Sunglasses and a glass bottle by his side are his allies for a perfect tan. But what does that bottle that attracted the attention of fans contain?

Isoardi reveals it in the caption of the image:

Waiting for the proof of the cook, I tan with EVO oil, I had nothing else at home, but there is. The company is sublime: Johann Wolfgang Goethe in full romance with 'The pains of young Werther'. Good Saturday.

This is therefore the secret for an impeccable tan, which the host shows off despite not having had time to go on vacation yet.

To tell the truth, Elisa confessed in an interview with the weekly magazine Oggi, which is used to take a good refreshing swim at the sea every now and then. In fact, living in Rome, he can reach the Lido di Ostia whenever he wishes, especially in the early morning, when the traffic is not yet intense.

The month of July will be dedicated almost entirely to the job: the presenter really loves her job, and the transition to an important broadcast such as The Proof of the Cook was an immense joy for her. The public struggled a bit to accept the change. Antonella Clerici, who passed the baton to her last September, was much loved by viewers.

Isoardi's debut at the helm of the cooking show seemed like a flop, but time proved her right. And now, despite being always at work, he can occasionally enjoy a few moments for himself. And who knows that summer will not bring her love: since it ended with Matteo Salvini, Elisa has in fact concentrated only on herself.

Elisa Isoardi in splendid shape on the terrace at home. Source: Instagram

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