Elisa, mourning for the singer: the emotional farewell to her uncles on Instagram

Elisa, mourning for the singer: the emotional farewell to her uncles on Instagram

Mourning for the artist Elisa Toffoli, who lost her uncles to Covid. The moving post on Instagram: "Have a good trip into the light, Aunt Dani and Uncle Franco"

The singer Elisa Toffoli published a moving post on Instagram, greeting her uncles: “Have a good trip in the light”, she writes, referring to her aunt Dani and uncle Franco, who unfortunately died due to Covid. A very difficult moment for the artist, who has to deal with two significant absences: as he explains in the caption, they had always encouraged her and brought her to the stage, and they were two magnificent and courageous people.

"It is almost impossible to accept that this Covid has taken you away and I have a thousand memories that flash through my mind", thus begins his post, revealing the cause of the disappearance. "Uncle Franco and Aunt Dani, you put me on a stage when I was not yet four years old." Their support was essential for the artist as he grew up.

She tells how they inspired her for her artistic career, especially her aunt Dani: between creativity, imagination and art, Elisa's musical path was already marked. "It was immense luck to be there with you while building your shows."

In the first photo of the gallery shared on her profile, Elisa shows herself as a child with her aunt: a roundup of special images, which speak of the life and essence of her uncles, always smiling and ready to joke. Observing Aunt Dani on the art scene, the singer admits to having absorbed her desire for energy and freedom.

“You were very strong in your human frailties, full of courage. You changed the rules of the game and set an example. The gaze on the world and in the creative mind, in a province that has never been able to force you to be who you were not. You have bent it, you have climbed over barriers of all kinds. " He applauds his uncles, revolutionary ideas, the modern approach in the name of art and freedom.

In the end, he concludes the post with a touching goodbye, specifying that he will dedicate his musical career to them, which he has always done, but now more than before. “I will continue for myself and for you too. As before and more. Life will tell us all, not the words. Have a good trip in the light, Aunt Dani and Uncle Franco, you will always be with us. "

Elisa Toffoli

Elisa Toffoli, farewell to uncles on Instagram

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