Elisabetta Canalis: "George Clooney dad? I'm happy"

Elisabetta Canalis: "George Clooney dad? I'm happy"

Elisabetta Canalis has decided to have her say on George Clooney, who will soon become the father of two twins

Elisabetta Canalis: mother, wife and showgirl

Elisabetta Canalis returns to talk about George Clooney, to comment on his future paternity, claiming to be very happy for him. The former tissue of "Striscia la Notizia" and the actor lived an intense love story and, even after the end of the relationship, they remained on excellent terms, so much so that Canalis declared to be very happy with the idea that Clooney will become dad, mostly twins.

"I am very happy, I am happy, it is a news that gave me joy – said the showgirl -. When you want a child and it arrives, it's a gift, I wish him well. " The relationship between Clooney and Canalis lasted from 2009 to 2011, two intense years that ended abruptly with a rupture whose motives have never been revealed.

In spite of this, they both keep a good memory of the moments they spent together and went on with their lives, building a new happiness with other companions. Elisabetta Canalis married the surgeon Brian Perri and today lives in Los Angeles with her husband and little Skyler Eva. In the United States he created a structure that deals with rehabilitation together with Maddalena Corvaglia, becoming an entrepreneur.

George Clooney, for his part, has stopped playing the role of Hollywood's bachelor to marry Amal Alamuddin, a brilliant lawyer of Lebanese origins, a naturalized British woman, known for her elegance and for defending Julian Assange, Wikileaks leader.

The couple is married in Venice in 2014 with a luxurious ceremony followed around the world. Both in the past had declared that they did not yet feel ready to become parents, but evidently they must have changed their mind, since they will soon have twins. The news had been circulating in the gossip world for some time, but only recently has George Clooney confirmed that he will soon become a dad. According to the rumors the birth should be in June and the twins are a boy and a girl.

"We are very happy and very excited – said Clooney breaking the silence and confirming Amal's pregnancy -. It will be an adventure. We welcomed her with open arms ". The 55-year-old actor explained how the news took him by surprise, but made him very happy: "I'm happy, even if I am 56 at the time of their birth," he admitted.

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