Elisabetta Canalis ironic on Instagram: the photo you don't expect (and that makes her one of us)

Elisabetta Canalis ironic on Instagram: the photo you don't expect (and that makes her one of us)

The showgirl, who just turned 42, posted an unexpected photo of her family vacation

Irony is one of the most beautiful qualities, and if one of the most loved Italian stars outside national borders uses it without fear, then it becomes irresistible. And Elisabetta Canalis has shown us not to fear the less perfect photo, the "stolen shot", but rather to know how to make a strong point: just like a real diva.

On vacation with her family in Mexico, the showgirl has in fact posted on her very popular Instagram profile a photo that portrays her disheveled and with a funny expression, shortly after being swept away by a wave. In short, not properly made up and combed as it usually appears on glossy covers. The image is accompanied by a caption in which unequivocally declares the "guilty": "Another photo taken by my husband".

Brian Perri, obviously, is not the first time he has immortalized her in some funny shots. But the showgirl, instead of trashing it as one might expect, published it showing self-confidence and great self-irony.

A move that even her fans liked, who filled her with funny comments and likes, because there is nothing like a "wrong" photo to reduce the distance we perceive between us and the stars. And by publishing this image, Elisabetta has proven that she is one of us and that she is not afraid to prove it.

Born under the sign of the Virgin, Elisabetta Canalis turned 42 on 12 September and time seems to leave no marks on her. Always gorgeous, as you can see by browsing her gallery on Instagram, in the costume shots she showed several times her perfect physical shape. The result of hard and constant training: those who follow her know her passion for sport, in fact they often share her training sessions. As is well known, the attachment to her Sardinia where she spent part of the summer holidays in the company of her husband Brian (married in Alghero in 2014) and her daughter Skyler born in 2015.

The national Elisabetta has always been committed to the animal rights front and, to raise awareness of those who follow her on social media, she often shares images, information and appeals in favor of animals.

Activist, sportswoman, self-deprecating and beautiful.

elisabetta canalis instagram photo

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