Elisabetta Canalis jokes with her daughter on Instagram, the funny video

Elisabetta Canalis scherza con la figlia su Instagram, il video divertente

The showgirl shared a video of her with her daughter as they talk about who cooks best between mom and dad

Fun challenges between mom and dad are the order of the day in every family. And so it also happens in that of Elisabetta Canalis and her husband Brian Perri, as evidenced by the funny video that the showgirl posted on the Instagram profile.

In the images we see mother Elisabetta shooting the scene in the mirror, while she is sitting with her daughter Skyler Eva on a toy. The topic of the chat between the two is food, to understand who is better between mom and dad at cooking. And little Skyler has no doubts. If the father, the surgeon Brian Perri, prepares a horrible pasta, that of the mother is excellent: “Mum makes the best lunch than dad – says the little girl – dad can only cook one lunch”. Elisabetta carefully follows her little daughter as she makes her considerations on her parents' cooking skills, up to the final question: “So in the end, what cooks the best between me and dad?” She asks. And Skyler Eva has no doubt: “Mommy”.

A fun and exciting domestic scene similar to those that many mothers could shoot: a video that fans of the showgirl liked so much for its spontaneity. And it is not the first time that Elisabetta shares a few short curtains with her daughter, who turned five on September 29th. The one who sees them struggling with a make-up lesson is also very funny, with Skyler Eva impatient to test herself, including pencils and lipsticks. Or even in the role of mother's stylist and make-up artist.

For a long time, however, the former tissue girl had preferred not to share images showing her daughter's face, which she has decided to do for some time. Skyler looks a lot like her mom, although the colors are very different, and she looks sunny and very nice. Mamma Elisabetta, for her part, proves to be a mother so much in love with her little girl.

This summer, the showgirl, together with her husband and daughter, spent part of the holidays in "her" Sardinia between days of sea, sun and freedom, as she told her many fans on Instagram. In the images the little Skyler Eva is also very present.

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