Elisabetta Canalis, mother and super fit housewife

Elisabetta Canalis, mother and super fit housewife

The former brunette tissue is shown on Instagram in the kitchen without makeup and hair grappling with pizza to make her little girl Skyler Eva happy

Elisabetta Canalis: mother, wife and showgirl

Elisabetta Canalis, 39, loves her new life as a mother and wife. Other than a desperate housewife, the showgirl is perfectly at ease within the walls of her beautiful Los Angeles villa (she also looks at Barbara D'Urso's dream house) where she lives with her husband Brian Perri and little Skyler Eva who turns 2 next September, in addition of course to his beloved dogs.

The beautiful Eli is above all a perfect cook, always intent on preparing delicacies. Once the controversy over the recipe for fainé has been filed, the former velina mora prepares delicious ricotta cakes and pizza. As a mother, she goes to work at 7 am to satisfy her baby. Here she is then intent on kneading all dirty with flour. And on his profile Instagram shows itself proud without make-up and hair, even with a few dark circles due to the early rising: "Only my daughter can ask at 7 am to make her pizza (pissssa) … And what a pizza it is!".

Followers are proud of their darling, but someone points out that pizza dough does not roll out with a rolling pin.

However, after so much effort, Canalis allows itself a bit of fun on the beach, naturally in the company of Skyler, where it boasts an enviable physique. His secret? Hard daily workouts that he can do as soon as he can with his best friend, Maddalena Corvaglia.

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