Elisabetta Canalis, the first bikini on Instagram is fabulous

Elisabetta Canalis, the first bikini on Instagram is fabulous

Elisabetta Canalis conquers Instagram showing off her first bikini of the season

Elisabetta Canalis in the ring punches Diletta Leotta's ex

Elisabetta Canalis conquers everyone with the first bikini of the season posted on Instagram. The former tissue of Striscia la Notizia is always splendid and once again has bewitched the followers with a perfect body and a pinch of irony. In fact, Elisabetta chose to wear the bikini combining them with cowboy boots, a very particular look that demonstrates the creativity and friendliness of the model.

After spending a few weeks in Italy, Canalis returned to California with the whole family. Summer is approaching and Elisabetta is already in perfect shape. The showgirl showed herself on Instagram in a bikini, revealing a sculpted physique, the result of her passion for sport and balanced nutrition.

Far from her beloved Alghero, in Los Angeles, Canalis has found the happiness and serenity she had long dreamed of. Next to her is her husband Brian Perri and daughter Skyler Eva who is already a little Instagram star. At forty and after a very long career on TV, Elisabetta is still very much loved by fans. Many have commented on her shot in a bikini, including Arisa cheering for her. "The most beautiful in the world", wrote the teacher of Amici 2021.

“I accept myself with my faults – Canalis said some time ago -. Before, I was very strict with myself, it was torture. Today I don't care about me on TV and I stopped googling me. It was a liberation. What am I not missing from the past? When I go back to Italy and read news about the private lives of some of my colleagues, I don't envy them. Not giving a damn would be the solution, but it's not easy. A lesson that I have learned? Don't answer and give importance to certain subjects, otherwise you contribute to their success ".

The secret of her gorgeous bikini? Diet and training, but without too much stress! “I like to keep fit, but I'm not obsessed with diet – she confided to Grazia -. But I love to play sports, Muay Thai and Kickboxe are a passion, but Pilates arrives where these disciplines fail ”.

Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis

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