Elisabetta Canalis, the reason why she moved to the USA

Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis reveals why she decided to move to the United States, leaving Italy

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Elisabetta Canalis prepares to conduct Cover Lives and reveals why she chose to move to the United States. The former tissue of Striscia la Notizia has been living in California for some time now with her husband Brian Perri, a well-known surgeon, and daughter Skyler Eva. On the other side of the ocean, the showgirl found the happiness she dreamed of, sheltered from the gossip that, as she recently recounted, often hurt her.

Soon Canalis will be at the helm of a new show in which VIPs will be talked about. “I started making TV when I was 21, now I'm almost 43 and up until now I had never had a program of my own, it's a huge satisfaction,” he confessed to Corriere della Sera. For years on the crest of the wave, beloved on Instagram and appreciated not only for her beauty, but also for her great irony, Elisabetta has never conducted a program of her own.

"It also has to do with the fact that I left Italy, perhaps – she said -. It's weird, I know. But returning to Italian TV in this way makes me proud and encourages me to continue. I don't know why it didn't happen before, I started with many girls who had a role similar to mine and who are now established conductors, with important programs … I took another path. And I never thought I'd come back. '

Canalis then spoke about her conducting style and the topics that she will deal with in Vite da Copertina. "We will talk about cinema, TV and gossip, but in rose water," he clarified. In fact, Elisabetta explained that she had experienced firsthand the difficulties caused by gossip that invaded her private life: “I would never do bad gossip, the one I did not love when I suffered it. I could never lead a program that delves into people's lives ”.

It would have been precisely the excessive attention towards her that prompted her to leave Italy. In America, the showgirl found not only love with Brian Perri, after the stories that ended with Bobo Vieri and George Clooney, but also the serenity she desired. “For me it was a persecution – he admitted -. I was single, young and the center of attention. At the beginning, gossip is also useful, but doing this gave me a lot of anxiety. It was one of the reasons why I moved abroad: the cauldron of notoriety was beautiful, but then I started to suffer from this side ".

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