Elisabetta Canalis, the vinyl skirt is super sensual and a must of the season

Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis returns to give us style lessons: the black vinyl skirt is absolutely to be copied and included in our wardrobe

Elisabetta Canalis and the others: lingerie for Christmas

Elisabetta Canalis and the others: lingerie for Christmas

Elisabetta Canalis never ceases to surprise: the beautiful showgirl never misses a beat, using her Instagram profile as a real showcase for her breathtaking looks. In one of her latest posts, Canalis showed off a super trendy outfit, wearing a must-have item of the season.

Elisabetta Canalis, the vinyl skirt is to be copied

Canalis once again give us lots of ideas for our looks, with super trendy items to add to our wardrobe. Wonderful and super sensual, Elisabetta Canalis continues to give us real style lessons, from which to take inspiration for our most seductive and chic outfits. The charming showgirl, who is enjoying the wonderful temperatures of Los Angeles (as evidenced by her stories on Instagram in a dream location), was immortalized by photographer Mickaela Tombrock in a series of shots that highlighted all her charm .

White low-cut top that leaves the toned arms, the back and the flat stomach uncovered, the black vinyl skirt with a vertiginous slit, the real star of the outfit, and hands in her hair: the Canalis could not be more beautiful. Thanks to her lean physique, the result of training and her healthy and balanced diet, and, of course, to her natural beauty, which has never abandoned her.

It is not the first time that Elisabetta shows us her most beautiful looks to copy: just a few weeks ago she showed a fantastic black suit by Tom Ford that left the hips uncovered, without forgetting the lace one, very sensual and in full Catwoman style.

Elisabetta Canalis, life in Los Angeles after working in Italy

Elisabetta Canalis’s life is divided between Italy and America: this year, after the restrictions that hit our country due to Covid, the beautiful showgirl managed to return to her Sardinia and then start the new adventure with Cover Screw, which marked his return to TV.

However, her arrival in Italy had begun to spread, more and more insistently, the rumors of an alleged crisis with her husband Brian Perri, because according to her friends and those around her, she misses Italy more and more. “There are those who say that American life is starting to feel tight to her, and that returning to Italy for Vite da Copertina would have made her reflect on how much her life in California is not as happy,” announced the weekly Oggi.

The gossip about the crisis was promptly denied by both Canalis and the surgeon: the two in fact showed themselves happy in a shot on Instagram, supporting their daughter for her first day of school. Despite this, the rumors continued to circulate, but Elisabetta did not want to give them weight, letting the facts speak for themselves, given that her marriage is going well: just recently, on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, she shared with the his followers a sweet family portrait, which has silenced all gossip.

Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis, the breathtaking look on Instagram

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