Elisabetta Gregoraci absent from GF Vip: she flies to Dubai to Briatore and her son Nathan

Elisabetta Gregoraci absent from GF Vip: she flies to Dubai to Briatore and her son Nathan

Elisabetta Gregoraci will not participate in the "GF Vip": she joined her ex-husband Flavio Briatore and their son in Dubai

Elisabetta Gregoraci turns 40: Flavio Briatore, career and fame on Instagram

Elisabetta Gregoraci will be absent in the next episode of the GF Vip. In fact, the showgirl flew to Dubai by Flavio Briatore and his son Nathan Falco. The businessman and the couple's son had reached the Arab Emirates just before New Year's, while Gregoraci was among the protagonists of the year-end live broadcast organized by Alfonso Signorini. A long episode in which, in addition to the classic celebrations, there was no lack of clashes and twists.

After the last episode, however, Elisabetta made it known that she will not be at GF Vip. The next live broadcast of the reality show, most likely, will be dedicated to the flirtation between Pierpaolo Pretelli and Giulia Salemi, born in the House shortly after its release. The influencer and the veil of Striscia la Notizia started a relationship studded with doubts and indecisions. Pierpaolo, after having courted Gregoraci for a long time, was bewitched by Salemi and seems determined to start a love story with him, also putting aside the feelings he feels for the ex Ariadna Romero.

In the last few episodes, there was a lot of back and forth between Elisabetta and Pierpaolo. The showgirl in particular had shown her disappointment in seeing the suitor in the arms of another shortly after his exit from the reality show. Fans who hoped for a love story were also disappointed, so much so that they nicknamed the couple "the Gregorellis". In recent days a plane had passed on the Casa del GF Vip with a banner in which Pretelli's flirtation with Giulia Salemi was criticized.

"Of course I was sorry for the plane, it was the first against in the entire edition – he commented -. Obviously there and then I feel bad, but I can't stop myself. Unfortunately, the conversation with Elisabetta – which was not a story, nothing was consummated – was experienced from the outside with expectations. But do these people know that Elizabeth could also have a situation outside and therefore it is something that could not be done here? There are many dynamics that have taken a back seat but they were the key to everything ”.

In the Instagram Stories, far from the GF Vip, Elisabetta seems serene. The presenter has fun in a water park with Nathan Falco, celebrating the new year in Dubai, close, as always, to her ex-husband Flavio Briatore with whom relations are excellent.

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