Elisabetta Gregoraci and Briatore increasingly accomplices: she reveals what is happening

Elisabetta Gregoraci

Elisabetta Gregoraci and Flavio Briatore are getting closer and closer: the presenter reveals how things are with her ex-husband

Elisabetta Gregoraci, bikini and summer look on Instagram

Elisabetta Gregoraci returns to talk about the relationship with Flavio Briatore and the increasingly strong complicity between the former spouses. The two were married for about ten years, until their farewell, which arrived in 2017. The divorce, however, did not change the bond between the presenter and the entrepreneur who today seem more united than ever.

This is demonstrated by the latest shots, published on Instagram, which portray them on a boat, happy and smiling, together with their son Nathan Falco. “Family holidays”, commented Briatore, who posted the photo. To tell of the very strong understanding between the ex, however, there are also some images that appeared in the weekly Oggi in which Elisabetta and Flavio relax on the boat, amidst complicit glances and laughter. Their son Nathan is not with them, a sign that the exes have chosen to spend time together despite his absence.

The images immediately rekindled the gossip about a possible flashback. To reveal what is happening, however, was Elisabetta herself who, reached by the weekly, spoke about the relationship with her ex-husband: "We love each other profoundly made of esteem and mutual respect, but nothing more," she explained. Gregoraci therefore denied the possibility that love has returned with her ex-husband, stressing that there is only great affection between the two.

In fact, however, after the end of the marriage the exes never completely distanced themselves. Elisabetta lived a short love affair with Francesco Bettuzzi, later refused several suitors. From Pierpaolo Pretelli, known at GF Vip to Stefano Coletti, a young driver from Montecarlo, up to Francesco Zangrillo. Today Gregoraci seems focused above all on career. Fresh from the success of Battiti Live, the presenter is enjoying a summer of relaxation with Briatore and his son Nathan Falco. Precisely for the love of the eleven-year-old, the entrepreneur and the presenter would have remained on excellent terms, spending the holidays and parties together. "I must say that I am very happy with how our son is growing – he confided some time ago talking about Nathan Falco – and how, together, we are educating him".

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