Elisabetta Gregoraci anxious about the dog: on Instagram she explains how she is

The showgirl wanted to share with her fans the concern for the dog Diva by explaining on Instagram how she is

These were difficult hours for Elisabetta Gregoraci, anxious for her little dog Diva. The showgirl, one of the protagonists of the latest edition of Big Brother Vip, after leaving the Cinecittà loft, continued to update her many fans through her social profiles.

So, once again, she found support from followers after showing her concern for her four-legged friend. In the stories of Instagram he has published some videos in which he explained the origin of his apprehension, given that his dog was forced to undergo a surgery on the paw.

"Today they are still a bit like that because Diva is working on it and the operation is not yet finished. So I'm very upset, I'm telling you the truth. I'm very anxious, ”Gregoraci admitted to her fans. He also accompanied the videos to the words: “Let's hope so, positive energies for my hairy baby”. Moreover, those who have a pet can understand the former gieffina's concern: as for many people, her dog is a fundamental component of her family for her too.

After a few hours, smiling and evidently more relaxed, Elisabetta wanted to update and reassure fans about Diva's health conditions: "The operation is over, she is fine and slowly waking up. She will remain in the hospital but tomorrow I will be able to take her home ”. Then he took the opportunity to thank all his fans for the affection shown on this occasion, waiting to hug his dog, finally healed.

In the meantime, Elisabetta Gregoraci's life proceeds serenely: after the distance given by the experience of Big Brother Vip, she is making up for lost time with Nathan Falco, the fruit of love with Flavio Briatore. All those who dreamed of a story with Pierpaolo Pretelli will have to resign themselves: it was the same model that confirmed it on the pages of Novella 2000.

“On social media, there are lines of fans who clash on a daily basis. There are the Gregorellis who dreamed of my engagement with Elisabetta Gregoraci. We met with Elisabetta after the end of the reality show, but for work reasons. I have always avoided contacting her or making friends. This is out of respect for Giulia. Nothing could be born with Eli and this was because she had set up stakes. You keep braking right from the start, but it seems people don't want to accept it. "

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