Elisabetta Gregoraci, Briatore meets her alleged new love Stefano

Flavio Briatore, the sweet dedication to his son Nathan: Elisabetta Gregoraci comments

Meeting in Montecarlo between Flavio Briatore and Stefano Coletti, the man who would wait for Elisabetta Gregoraci outside the "GF Vip"

Flavio Briatore meets Stefano Coletti, the new alleged love of Elisabetta Gregoraci. In recent days there has often been talk of the man who would have conquered the showgirl outside the house. According to many it would be Stefano, a fascinating driver who lives in Montecarlo and who would be in Elisabetta's heart, so much so as to prevent her from living freely her feeling with Pierpaolo Pretelli.

According to the weekly Chi, there would have been a meeting between Flavio Briatore and Stefano Coletti who happened to be in the same pastry shop in Montecarlo. “Dangerous intersections – reads the magazine – in the Principality at the Pasticceria cova Montecarlo. When Flavio Briatore came in last weekend for breakfast and Stefano Coletti, Elisabetta Gregoraci's lover, found himself next to him, together with his mother and father. The young man looked down while Briatore was enjoying breakfast with a friend ”.

Briatore and Gregoraci have been separated for a few years, but their relations have always remained excellent for the love of their son Nathan Falco. After the end of the marriage, Elisabetta had a love story with Francesco Bettuzzi, but before entering the house she had revealed that she was single. In recent days Arianna David had spoken to Mattino Cinque about the alleged relationship of the showgirl with the pilot, confirming it, even if the presenter had called Stefano only a friend. “She is not alone outside the house. From what I know, he has a person in Monte Carlo, ”he said.

Flavio Briatore himself had thought of answering her. "The lady in question – said the entrepreneur – goes on TV, talks to the newspapers and, claiming to be a friend, allows herself to express judgments and opinions about me and my private sphere. All inventions and fantasies. I met the lady in Sardinia many years ago. She has never been my friend and I can say with certainty that she is not my ex-wife either ".

Meanwhile in the House, Pierpaolo Pretelli continues to guard the secret of Elisabetta Gregoraci. The showgirl would have revealed to him with some coded messages why he cannot start a romance during the reality show.

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