Elisabetta Gregoraci, Briatore sends a message on Instagram to his son Nathan

Flavio Briatore

Flavio Briatore on Instagram sends a message to his beloved son Nathan Falco, born from the love for Elisabetta Gregoraci

Elisabetta Gregoraci turns 40: Flavio Briatore, career and fame on Instagram

Flavio Briatore on Instagram breaks the silence to send a message to Nathan Falco, the son born of love for Elisabetta Gregoraci. The manager is hospitalized at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan where he was subjected to the swab for Coronavirus.

“I am hospitalized in a room alone – he explained to La Stampa -. I don't take oxygen, much less I'm intubated. I feel good. I have nothing special. The temperature is fine, I breathe well and I even managed to work. Although I hope to get out soon […] When I arrived at the hospital they swab me, as they do with any patient. All there. And here I am isolated in a room. Fortunately, now I have one less worry, that my son Falco, who is 10, has contracted the virus. Luckily the report from the Montecarlo hospital arrived this morning and it is negative ".

Briatore is very close to his son Nathan, born from the marriage with Elisabetta Gregoraci. The manager dedicated the last post appeared on Instagram to him. Flavio has published a photo of his son, writing simply "Falco", a way to send a message of love to the child. “Falco knows that at 14 he will go to boarding school in Switzerland to do high school. He can't stay in Monte Carlo for life – the manager told the weekly Oggi some time ago -. Then after graduation he will come to work with me. What if he wanted to go to university? I don't see the reason: I'll be the one to train him. If someone has a vocation he must be free to indulge it, but I don't need a graduate, I need someone who carries on what I have built: if I need an accountant or a lawyer, I call him and pay him the fee ".

"He looks around already now and understands that there are many people who work with us: he knows that he too will have a responsibility. I am growing him by showing him the importance of a good team. If you work well, you get paid very well, if you don't, you are out. It is meritocracy and nothing more … There is no luck: there are sacrifices, commitment. We are two good parents – he concluded speaking of Gregoraci -, both focused on our son. We remain a family and Falco grows up serene and loved ".

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