Elisabetta Gregoraci chased a thief in the house: the outburst on Instagram

Elisabetta Gregoraci chased a thief in the house: the outburst on Instagram

Elisabetta Gregoraci had to face a great scare: she recounted the experience on her Instagram profile

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A bad adventure for Elisabetta Gregoraci, who had to face a thief at home. The showgirl found the courage to tell the anecdote on Instagram stories: despite the excitement and fear, she chased him and was arrested. Great applause also to his son Nathan Falco, who did not panic and who managed to call the police, while his mother was chasing the man.

That Elisabetta Gregoraci is a force of nature is not a mystery. A woman with a great pulse, who does not let herself be terrified by any situation and who always finds a way to get up. Even in a critical moment like finding himself a thief in the house, he knew how to get his nails out. A not just fright, that of Elizabeth, when on returning home she made a bitter discovery: she had gone to pick up Nathan from school with the nanny when the incident happened.

According to the story on Instagram, the thief tried to attack Nathan's nanny; Elisabetta, on the other hand, immediately ran after him, while her son Nathan phoned the police. Gregoraci also made it known that the man was captured and that he is in prison at the moment. Really excited moments, in which no one would ever want to find themselves, least of all in the presence of their child: the thought of a mother, in fact, immediately goes to him, to protect him.

“We all got scared, I don't know how coldly I managed to chase the thief and make videos. Thank God, the thief was caught, he was arrested. Nathan was quick to call the police. Unfortunately, the nanny had the first meeting with the thief: he started kicking her, attacking her. " Subsequently, Gregoraci intervened, who had quick reflexes: “We are all upset, but now I can tell you with a smile because thank God we are all fine and everything is over”.

Elizabeth's praise, however, is all for her 11-year-old son. After telling the anecdote, she shared a shot with him, with a sweet caption: "My champion, who protected his mother and everyone. I love you, Nathan Falco Briatore ”. This is a bad time that mom, son and nanny will have to leave behind. Gregoraci will have to relax in anticipation of the start of Battiti Live 2021. Furthermore, according to the rumors of the moment, she could join Mediaset instead of D’Urso.

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