Elisabetta Gregoraci comes out with Stefano Coletti: the photos

GF Vip, because Elisabetta Gregoraci did not enter the house

Elisabetta Gregoraci comes out with Stefano Coletti: the photos together published by the pilot on Instagram

Elisabetta Gregoraci turns 40: Flavio Briatore, career and fame on Instagram

Elisabetta Gregoraci comes out into the open with Stefano Coletti. After gossip and rumors, the pilot has published (surprisingly) some photos that portray him together with the Calabrian showgirl. In the House of GF Vip there was often talk of a possible flirtation between Coletti, an entrepreneur and driver who lives in Monte Carlo, and Gregoraci. In particular, after a plane had sent several direct messages to the model by flying a plane over the Cinecittà bunker.

Elisabetta, however, had denied the love story and Coletti had closed himself in silence. Months after that episode, photos of the showgirl with the young driver appear. Stefano has in fact published in the Stories of Instagram some shots that portray him with Gregoraci. We see them embracing and smiling, between fast cars and celebrations.

The decision to come out of the closet comes as a surprise, after Elisabetta had returned to talk about her relationship with Flavio Briatore in recent weeks, reaffirming the feeling that, despite the divorce, still binds them. “It is a wonderful love. We have been together for 13 years. We have a wonderful baby – he told Domenica In, guest of Mara Venier -. We broke up for four, but we are an anomalous couple. We have a relationship as if we haven't broken up. We spend a lot of time together, we love each other, we also do it for Nathan. In the past they made me suffer many things ”.

"When I got married, there were those who said it would last six months or that I married him because he is economically well, even today, that two pa ** e – he added -. At first I suffered from it, then I said to myself: 13 years together, a son, I no longer have to prove anything to anyone. The fact that we are still a family and we love each other, I think is an example for many separated parents ”.

Words that had made us think of a possible return of the flame that, in fact, seems to be denied by the shots that portray a happy Elisabetta with Stefano Coletti. After the divorce from Briatore in 2017 and the secret story with Francesco Bettuzzi, the Calabrian showgirl seems to have found the right person for her who can make her heart beat faster.

Elisabetta Gregoraci and Stefano Coletti

Elisabetta Gregoraci and Stefano Coletti

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