Elisabetta Gregoraci, complicity and love with Nathan: the most beautiful images

Elisabetta Gregoraci, complicity and love with Nathan: the most beautiful images

Special moments those between Elisabetta Gregoraci and Nathan Falco: mother and son are really inseparable and accomplices

The family vacation with Flavio Briatore, the moments with Nathan Falco, the love for Kenya and lots of fun. These are the last few weeks for the beautiful Elisabetta Gregoraci, who on social media as always continues to keep her followers updated on her daily life. In the last few hours, however, she has managed to amaze everyone with some very special videos, which depict an unconditional love for her son Nathan and vice versa. Complicity and love are the keywords for mother and child.

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the special moments with Nathan Falco

Sharing happiness and love should always be welcome, and the host Elisabetta Gregoraci is showering us with love on her social profile. Starting with Christmas in the family with Flavio Briatore and his son Nathan Falco, up to the videos he posted in his Instagram stories with his son.

In a first video, little Nathan intent on making his mother dive into the water who, always smiling, lets herself be thrown; then it is the turn of Gregoraci, who returns the favor to her son; finally a tender hug, and two photos that first portray a sweet moment, in which Elizabeth is on Nathan’s shoulders, and then the moment of the fall. An unclear photo, from which however a great emotion emerges.

“Complicity and love”, wrote Elisabetta Gregoraci referring to her and her son. A simple and important concept, the one he wanted to convey; and even those who think that the ex gieffina is only an appearance will make a reason, because she is without a doubt a woman in love with life and above all with her child, and it would seem to be reciprocated.

Elisabetta Gregoraci, communication on social media that is good for her

Sometimes a bit clumsy in an attempt to use social media, rather far from what an expert in the sector would suggest, Elisabetta Gregoraci makes simplicity her strong point. Always active on her Instagram profile, she shares messages from fans, publishes their posts, and above all she shares many moments of her days with them.

Surely there is much more in her life that she prefers to keep private, but Elisabetta Gregoraci, at least from social networks, seems to be the girl next door. Solar, easy-going and that gives importance to values ​​such as family and love, of whatever nature it is. He also demonstrated this with the post in which he spoke of his love for Kenya and the bond he feels towards this country, then explaining the reasons; proved it, once again, by spending the Christmas holidays with his ex Flavio Briatore and his son Nathan Falco, sending a message of unconditional love, because despite the fact that the love with Briatore has been over for a long time, the most important thing is to maintain a civil and affectionate relationship, also and above all to raise one’s child in an atmosphere made only of love; love and complicity, just as Elisabetta Gregoraci wrote in the photo on Instagram, hugged to Nathan Falco during their holiday in Malindi.

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