Elisabetta Gregoraci confesses to Flavio Briatore and explains what she thinks

Elisabetta Gregoraci al GF Vip: Flavio Briatore contrario

Elisabetta Gregoraci returns to talk about Flavio Briatore, revealing what she thinks of Nathan Falco's ex-husband and father

Elisabetta Gregoraci confesses to Flavio Briatore and reveals how she is. The entrepreneur was hospitalized at San Raffaele in Milan where he tested positive for Coronavirus following a swab. The owner of the Billionaire and the showgirl have been married for about ten years and have a son, Nathan Falco to whom they are both very attached. It is no coincidence that shortly after admission, Briatore had posted a photo of the 10-year-old child on Instagram, sending him a message of love.

Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, Gregoraci spoke not only of the new adventure that awaits her at GF Vip, but also of the controversies that have invested Briatore. Elisabetta revealed that she was worried about Nathan Falco, luckily her son was not infected by Covid-19. "Thank God he's fine, he swabs and it's negative – he explained -. I'm fine too, I've had peaceful holidays, never like this year: nothing abroad, just two days in Calabria, then in Forte dei Marmi and Sardinia ".

On Briatore, on the other hand, she added: “I always recommend all the people who are close to me, I am very attentive, for some friends even a stickler. Then everyone does his own thing ". In a previous interview, Gregoraci had confessed her ex-husband's perplexities regarding his choice to participate in the GF Vip. After so many "no" in fact, the showgirl decided to cross the red door, accepting the invitation of Alfonso Signorini. “I'm used to it now, I almost never have exactly light days – she said -. But I am very excited: I have been working on TV for 15 years, I have acted in six films, I have written a book and yet I am agitated. I haven't even packed my suitcase yet. I live this thing with the spirit of the school trip ”.

Queen of Instagram and successful presenter, Elisabetta Gregoraci has a long and successful career behind her. From 2008 to 2017 she was married to Flavio Briatore, but even after the divorce the two never left. "When I got married they said I had done it for interest and that my marriage would last six months – she revealed -. Instead we were together 13 years, we had a son and we still have a good relationship today. But the feeling of having to prove to others that I am different from what they thought I also had at work ".

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