Elisabetta Gregoraci defends Flavio Briatore and criticizes Antonella Elia

Elisabetta Gregoraci defends Flavio Briatore and criticizes Antonella Elia

Elisabetta Gregoraci defends Flavio Briatore after the "GF Vip" and criticizes the behavior of Antonella Elia

GF Vip 5, the official cast chosen by Alfonso Signorini

Elisabetta Gregoraci defends Flavio Briatore and criticizes Antonella Elia. After the experience at GF Vip, the showgirl went back to talking about the days spent in the House and the presence of her ex-husband, mentioned several times despite not being among the competitors or in the studio. At the beginning of December, the presenter chose to leave the Cinecittà loft to return to her son Nathan Falco. Elisabetta reunited with Briatore with whom she spent Christmas, witnessing the happy days in Montecarlo with a photo on Instagram.

Interviewed by the weekly Chi, Gregoraci spoke of Alfonso Signorini who strongly wanted her to GF Vip. "He asks a lot of his competitors – he explained -, in the sense that he gets to scrutinize their personality to the end, but he always does it with intelligence and measure". The showgirl then spoke about Pupo, commentator of the broadcast together with Antonella Elia. According to Elisabetta, the artist would have talked a little too much about her ex-husband Flavio Briatore, who ended up at the center of numerous episodes, despite his desire to keep away from the affair.

"Baby? The story here is different from Antonella – he said -. I have known him for many years, we worked together, and I saw the Pupo I knew, nice and goliardic, who doesn't take himself too seriously, but who never says anything at random. He is very prepared and good at solving delicate issues with a joke, I like him as a columnist even if he brought up my ex-husband a little too much ". Gregoraci did not hide her annoyance for some sentences uttered by Antonella Elia who, speaking of her relationship to GF Vip with Pierpaolo Pretelli, had defined her as "cat in heat". Words that had triggered the competitor's reaction and which were also discussed in the last live broadcast.

“As for Antonella, I repeat what I said when I left. I have not changed my mind about her at all – Elisabetta explained -. That of the columnist is a delicate role in which you have to be good at weighing the words and she often did not, overcoming the thin line between the stinging comment and the personal attack; I hope you have understood it ".

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