Elisabetta Gregoraci from Barbara D’Urso: "Mata Hari my first film"

Elisabetta Gregoraci from Barbara D’Urso: "Mata Hari my first film"

Guest on Domenica Live, Elisabetta Gregoraci told her love for Flavio Briatore and announced the first movie Mata Hari

Elisabetta Gregoraci, a guest at Domenica Live, recounted her life as a mother and wife of Flavio Briatore. The two recently celebrated 8 years of marriage and the Calabrian showgirl wanted to remember with Barbara D’Urso her wedding day, the emotions she felt and her love for the entrepreneur.

In the studio with her came the beloved father, who made Gregoraci move and with whom he admired the wedding pictures with Flavio Briatore. Barbara D’Urso has retraced the showgirl's career, but above all she has kept us underlined her role as sweet and caring mother of little Nathan Falco. "My son Nathan is my love, with him I am a little too physical. He gets angry because I give him kisses at school in front of friends, ”said Elisabetta Gregoraci.

Not only love: the soubrette also knows how to be a strict mother and dictate rules to little Nathan, while Flavio Briatore is a more permissive father. "The father spoils him more, I am the one who says the rules," explained Gregoraci, "By saying so many people don't grow in a certain way".

Then there were surprises, with her sister Marzia who wrote a particularly touching letter to Elisabetta Gregoraci, recalling the death of her mother, who died due to a fulminant illness. "We held tight in adversity," his sister wrote to Gregoraci, visibly moved and shaken. Meanwhile, on October 20, the first film of Flavio Briatore's wife will be released: "Mata Hari".

"It's a beautiful film, Mata Hari, I dedicated it to my mother, because like this character, she never gave up or was afraid," explained Elisabetta Gregoraci speaking of the film "She made herself seen in front of us always very strong. I studied a lot, I fell into this role. I wanted to know everything about her. Before he died, he wanted to see who killed her. It is very feminine ".

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