Elisabetta Gregoraci, her crazy and endless summer: the super bikini in Dubai

Elisabetta Gregoraci, her crazy and endless summer: the super bikini in Dubai

Elisabetta Gregoraci showed off a trendy bikini in Dubai: her summer is not over, but continues to relax in the middle of October

Elisabetta Gregoraci at Milan Fashion Week: mini dress and transparencies

The VIPs still want summer, despite the temperatures and the first cold: this is the case of Elisabetta Gregoraci, who has chosen a dream destination to say the least to fly on vacation with her son Nathan Falco. The showgirl shared on her Instagram profile some delicious shots that portray her on the beach eating poké: however, it was not the dish that was striking, but her super bikini (and her crazy and endless summer).

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the holiday in Dubai: the summer that never ends

Although it is the end of October, for Gregoraci the summer shows no sign of ending, on the contrary, it has been prolonged for a long time, carving out moments of more than deserved relaxation, especially after the success with Battiti Live. Obviously, her son Nathan Falco could not be missing with her: she is extremely proud of him and how he is growing up.

Dubai is a sunny destination, able to evoke in us images of endless and super relaxing beaches. Gregoraci’s trip to the United Arab Emirates is a real dream for us who are here to experience the first cold. On the other hand, he has chosen to stay in an exclusive hotel, with all the necessary comforts.

Furthermore, we can not say anything about her bikini, except that it is super spot on: the top piece has tiny embroideries on the sides and a floral pattern on a black background, able to bring out even the complexion of Gregoraci, who has chosen numerous details for an amazing look. From the necklace to the glasses, she showed off the inevitable bracelets. Even if summer has been over for a while (at least for us), we can take notes for the next looks!

Elisabetta Gregoraci and Flavio Briatore, the reunion that fans would like

Among other things, close to her there is also her ex, Flavio Briatore, who is currently in Riyadh: the two cities are not so far away and many have wondered if the ex couple does not plan to meet again. for a reunion with the son. During the summer the gossip went crazy: the chat in pink wanted them more united than ever, but the official flashback in the end did not happen.

Naturally, most people did not miss this detail: Briatore has chosen to move to another destination, and there are those who embroider on it, perhaps thinking that they are going to find Gregoraci and Nathan Falco. Whether this is the case or not, it doesn’t matter: we would all like to be like Gregoraci, on the beach, with a poké to taste and obviously the heat of a crazy and endless summer.

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the bikini in Dubai

Elisabetta Gregoraci, extended summer: the bikini in Dubai

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