Elisabetta Gregoraci, the alleged ex Mino Magli reveals new background

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the alleged ex Mino Magli reveals new background

Mino Magli, presumed ex of Elisabetta Gregoraci, returns to talk about the relationship with Flavio Briatore.

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Mino Magli, presumed ex of Elisabetta Gregoraci, reveals new background. The man, who claims to be a former companion of the showgirl and manager, has returned to talk about their bond and Elisabetta's relationship with Flavio Briatore. "It was the fall of 2000 – he told Today -. She came to do a photo shoot for my fashion line, we met and I started courting her. I found the ticket of the 100 red roses that I sent her in December of that year […] It was immediately complicated. I had an affair with another woman who proceeded in fits and starts. Maybe I broke up for months and in those months I was with Elisabetta, and sometimes she disappeared too. But I didn't ask too many questions, I wasn't in the right position, I wasn't a knight in shining armor ".

Magli then retraced his alleged relationship with Gregoraci, also recounting the entry of Briatore. “At the end of December Elisabetta leaves – he explained -, she tells me that she is going away for work and that she comes back to celebrate my birthday, January 9th. He has to go to Kenya … he keeps himself vague. Then he tells me that for a couple of days he is staying at Briatore, with many other people, and that he is a friend. Then he phones me and says he has to take an English course and will return to Italy after my birthday ”.

“I get angry – recalled Mino Magli -, but she comes back and when we meet she is as sweet as honey. However, when I am at the door to leave, he hands me a letter, to read once he is alone […] I stop the car with the four arrows and start reading it. He writes that Flavio is a friend, who perhaps did wrong to sign that "particular contract", but that we will still be close, but that I should have supported him ".

The alleged ex of Gregoraci then stated that the love story with Elisabetta would have ended because of Flavio Briatore: "She is furious – he added -: Flavio called her, he says that if they catch up with us again he sends her to that country, but use a stronger term. So we have to stay away. I get angry at seeing her angry, I understand that there is no future. End".

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