Elisabetta Gregoraci, the former manager attacks her: "Su Briatore lies"

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the former manager attacks her: "Su Briatore lies"

The former manager attacks Elisabetta Gregoraci and accuses her of having lied about Flavio Briatore

The former manager attacks Elisabetta Gregoraci, accusing her of lying about Flavio Briatore. The showgirl is currently in the GF Vip's house after the tenants, after the initial embarrassment, now seem to have completely forgotten the cameras. The presenter became very close to Pierpaolo Pretelli and often spoke of her ex-husband.

Briatore and Gregoraci were linked for many years before saying goodbye. Their relationships are still excellent today, despite Elisabetta having said that she felt neglected by the entrepreneur several times. Interviewed by the weekly Nuovo, Francesco Chiesa Soprani explained that he was the manager of Gregoraci from 2005 to 2007. The man claimed that the showgirl lied about the relationship with Briatore told to the GF Vip. "The Gregoraci? About Flavio Briatore lies – he said -. Elizabeth knows how to calculate and manage her life but, before talking about others, she should look in the mirror and think about who she really is ”.

Not only that, Soprani revealed that he had also lived a love affair with the model: "I had a flirtation with her, more intimate than sentimental – he said -. And precisely because of the intimacy between us, I can confirm that Gregoraci became engaged to Briatore precisely because he was … Briatore. And not because she was interested in him as a man ”.

In recent days, during a chat with Patrizia De Blanck, Elisabetta had unveiled the reasons for leaving Flavio Briatore. “He neglected me a lot,” he said, also adding the story of a particular episode. “Something happened that made me feel bad – he said -. My mom died and on the day of the funeral she left me alone and left because she had to go to the disco. I have not forgiven him since that day. "

"My mother dies, I was in Calabria, she tells me 'I'm coming' – he revealed to GF Vip -. He came and went. He is not bad. It's because he can't handle these things. At four he said to me: "Well, come on, there's the opening of the place". And that thing I could not forgive him, because it is not done. I have always been close to him when he was sick and this thing hurt me a lot ”.

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