Elisabetta Gregoraci, the truth about Briatore: "I will not go back with him"

Elisabetta Gregoraci goes back to talking about Briatore and reveals the truth about the flashback

Elisabetta Gregoraci breaks the silence and for the first time talks about her relationship with Flavio Briatore.

In recent weeks there has often been talk of a rapprochement between the former. To food the gossip some confidences of the entrepreneur to a friend and the holidays in Sardinia and Capri that Elisabetta and Flavio decided to spend together. After Briatore's statements, Gregoraci also wanted to clarify the situation, revealing that she will not return with her ex-husband and that their love story is now over.

"Does Flavio say he wants to remarry? He does it as a joke – explained the Calabrian showgirl, who also returned to talk about divorce, which arrived after 10 years of love -. It was difficult to choose to separate myself, because I am a profoundly Catholic woman and I swore before God that we would be together forever: it was unfortunately not possible, and in March, after two years of separation, we divorced ”.

Despite having left each other for some time, Briatore and Gregoraci have maintained excellent relations for the love of Nathan Falco, their only child. "I feel a lot of respect for Nathan's father – the model explained -, and together we do everything to have good relationships and the harmony that allows us to raise the child with serenity. We both want to make him a man of common sense, but I will not return with my son's father. "

After her divorce from the entrepreneur, Gregoraci had linked up with Francesco Bettuzzi, owner of Pure Herbal. A love story that came to an end just when rumors of a backfire with Briatore started circulating. Today, Elizabeth claims to be single.

"I am a person focused on their own priorities – he admitted -: my son Nathan is the absolute that moves everything, the one that animates my heart always and forever. And then work: it is also very important for my identity and without me I would feel lost ”.

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