Elisabetta, the night ritual before going to bed

Elisabetta, the night ritual before going to bed

Queen Elizabeth has a very peculiar and unexpected night ritual that follows before going to bed

Elizabeth II, 69 years as Queen: the record of the Sovereign

Before going to bed Elizabeth II has a ritual of her own: the Queen in fact drinks a glass of champagne. This was revealed by her cousin, Margaret Rhodes, according to whom the Sovereign would have enjoyed this drink for years now before falling asleep.

A very special ritual that is accompanied by other habits that The Queen never gives up. Before lunch, for example, always sip gin and Dubonnet with lots of ice and a slice of lemon. During the paso instead he prefers wine and dry Martini. The Queen has always been very reserved about her routine, but Palace sources have often recounted her typical day.

It begins at seven thirty in the morning when a housekeeper wakes the Sovereign, opening the curtains of her room. First, His Majesty turns on the radio already tuned to Today on BBC Radio 4, then sips a cup of the Eart Gray with a little milk. Meanwhile, the housekeeper prepares everything for the bathroom, keeping an eye on the temperature with a wooden thermometer and making sure that the water reaches a maximum of 17 centimeters.

The Queen's daily look is taken care of by her personal assistant. Three women help her get dressed, while the hairdresser prepares the hairstyle. At 8.30 Her Majesty is ready for breakfast with Prince Philip: toast, yogurt and grapefruit juice. While eating, she browses the newspapers and chats with her husband. Later he deals with official matters. In his living room he reads letters and evaluates official documents, even holding private hearings.

During the day he participates in various events and takes care of institutional appointments. Before each official release, Harry and William's grandmother eats a piece of cake which is prepared by her chef. Lunch is light, with meat or fish accompanied by vegetables. At 5 pm the Sovereign stops everything to devote herself to tea which is always served in the Queen's Suite with fruit cakes, sandwiches and scones. There is no shortage of entertainment and unofficial encounters with Kate Middleton, Carlo and the little ones Charlotte, Louis and George.

The Sovereign also loves watching TV or doing crosswords. According to the etiquette, no one can go to sleep before her. At about midnight Elizabeth II retires to her rooms, drinks a glass of champagne and writes a page in her diary.

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