Elizabeth II: between castles and horses, the investment you don't expect

Elizabeth II: between castles and horses, the investment you don't expect

The estates and racecourses are no longer enough for her: Queen Elizabeth has expanded her heritage with a particular purchase

Elizabeth II, 69 years old as Queen: the record of the Sovereign

Castles, estates, immense gardens with white azaleas and even the Thames populated by splendid swans are only a small part of the regal properties of Queen Elizabeth. Yet, the English Crown wanted to add something special to its collection: a luxury fast food.
The Business Insider website revealed that Elizabeth II wanted to expand her assets by over £ 13 billion (more than € 15 billion) by buying Banbury Gateway Shopping Park in Oxfordshire. The place is located about 130 kilometers from London and has very popular shops and supermarkets inside, as well as the place that has piqued everyone's curiosity, namely a glossy McDonald's.

The fast food chain is famous all over the world for its bright colors and its sandwiches, however this "royal" McDonald's differs in the atmosphere with which it offers its customers: as you can imagine, the branch was furnished with sumptuous leather sofas, with chic Eames style chairs, designer lamps, laminate floors and the inevitable table service.

Not only the eye wants its part, but also the taste: at Banbury's McDonald's the famous fast food specialties are offered with a higher quality of food and, in addition, winks at the Queen's admirers who will be able to savor tea and porridge, so loved by Her Majesty.
Furthermore, all this luxury has not put aside the efficiency typical of fast food, in fact all the menus are digital and a part of the building is dedicated to wireless charging sockets where you can charge your electronic devices.

The place, therefore, is a real gem to visit for all those who are passionate about the Royal Family and, who knows, maybe you could even have some lucky encounters: even if the Queen has never been photographed in a fast food, Princes Willliam and Harry they got to go with their mother, Princess Diana.
After all, as Darren McGrady, the personal chef of the royal family for over 11 years, often recalled, William and Harry have never disdained McDonald's. For this reason, it would not be so strange to think that the two can indulge in a sandwich right in the family fast food, perhaps to reconnect and reconnect with their respective wives.

The kids loved McDonald's, going out for pizza, eating French fries with their hands and all sorts of American food. They were princes, but they had children's palates.

Will it be time for Queen Elizabeth to set the fine dishes aside for an exquisite burger? We can't say this, but we like to think that the royal Grandma will soon be spending time with her great-grandchildren George, Charlotte and Louis, the newborn Lucas (and maybe even Archie) over some tasty fries.

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