Elizabeth, the last farewell to Philip with a photo and the only consolation

Meghan and Harry, how the Queen really is: a source speaks

Queen Elizabeth greets Philip for the last time with a photo and consoles herself with her dogs

Farewell to Prince Philip: difficult childhood, love for the Queen and grandchildren

Elizabeth's last farewell to Philip comes with a photo posted on Instagram, while the Queen consoles herself thanks to her dogs. The Queen is facing the most terrible test: the death of the man she has loved all her life and with whom she shared 73 years of marriage.

An overwhelming love, born when they were very young, and continued for decades. Philip has always remained close to the Sovereign and has never abandoned her, often choosing to take a step back and give up his dreams in order to help her. Theirs was a sincere and very strong bond that not even death will be able to break.

A few hours after the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen wanted to greet her husband in her own way, posting a tender shot on Instagram. A photo taken in 2003 in which the two are sitting on the grass, in Scotland, smiling happily. A way to imprint in memory the beautiful moments spent with the man that the Queen has loved all her life. “Her Majesty wishes to share this private photograph, taken in 2003 by the Countess of Wessex at the top of the Coyles of Muick, in Scotland – reads the caption -. The sovereign and the Royal Family are grateful for the messages of condolence from all over the world and were moved to see and hear so many people sharing fond memories of the Duke, to celebrate his life ”.

Those who know her say that The Queen would be very tested, but, as happened in the past, she would have already shown her strong temper and the ability to face even this difficult test. The Sovereign's only consolation for now would be her dogs to which she is very attached. After missing for a few days, Elizabeth was photographed leaving Windsor Castle, heading to Frogmore Gardens to walk her dogs.

A moment of lightheartedness in a very complicated period for the Queen. The whole royal family has gathered around her and the hope is that Philip's death will put an end to the diatribes that have divided Harry and William. According to rumors, Kate Middleton is determined to bring the two brothers back together, after the interview given by Harry and Meghan Markle to Oprah Winfrey.

The Queen and Philip

The Queen and Philip

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