Elle Macpherson, 56 years old and not showing them: the secret is the Super Elixir

Elle Macpherson, "The Body" turned 56 and continues to exhibit a more toned physique than a twenty year old. The secret lies in his Super Elixir

Elle Macpherson: Bionic "The Body" at 56

Elle Macpherson, the wonderful and statuesque former Australian supermodel, nicknamed "The Body" in the 90s, because of her perfect measurements (182 cm tall for 92-62-89), continues to amaze and leave you breathless.

On her Instagram account, Elle posts photos that document her sensational form, despite the age of the population being close to sixty. On March 29, 2020, she blew on 56 candles, but it is hard to believe, seeing her, that time has passed for her.

Body, face, hair, everything is still incredibly perfect, youthful, bright. Merit of a super enviable genetic heritage, there is no doubt, but also, by her own admission of a lifestyle and diet, developed over the years, which has helped her a lot.

His secret is called Super Elixir, accompanied by an alkaline diet that has been following slavishly for years, developed with the nutritionist Simone Laubscher.

Elle drinks at least 3 liters of water a day, starting with 500ml of water and lemon in the morning when she wakes up, then fruit (papaya, peach, pineapple, kiwi), a pudding made from chia seeds, an egg and toasted bread. spelled base. Following, inevitable, his Super Elixir.

It is an infusion made personally by Elle with Simone Laubscher based on Chinese herbs, special enzymes and probiotics that must be added to water or any other drink and is a useful ally in maintaining the healthy weight and tone of the immune system.

Super Elixir often appears in the photos that the ex top model posted on Instagram and she said: “The stress of work, jet lag but also red meat and dairy products had acidified my body too much causing aches and pains so I no longer felt fit. Instead, Dr. Laubscher created for me a personalized blend of elements (including spirulina algae, wheat grass and barley grass). This is how my entrepreneurial experience with the WellCo line was born.

Elle is firmly convinced that an alkaline regime also improves the health of the skin: “Everything we eat affects our skin, that's why if we choose the right foods (plants rich in chlorophyll first of all) it improves not only inside but even outside. Dr. Simone taught me that when this balance is reached, the skin retains moisture and the cells function properly, giving you that radiant light. "

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