Elle Macpherson without veils in the pool: at 56 she is still "The Body"

Elle Macpherson without veils in the pool: at 56 she is still "The Body"

Elle Macpherson posts a nude photo in the pool. Proof that at almost 57 he is still "The Body"

Elle Macpherson: “The body” bionic at 56 years old

There are normal women in the world, those who after the arrival of the "doors" inevitably find themselves having to deal with mood swings, subsidence and collapses of various kinds, psychological but above all physical. And then there are the miraculous ones, the cases to study, that is to say those that blessed by nature and DNA, at 40, 50, 60 years continue to exhibit the same lean, toned and slender physique of 20. Because if on the face and the connotations can be operated surgically, on the body it is not so simple. And you want to wear yourself out in the gym, squats, abs. Collapse is inevitable. But for them gravity seems to have other laws and times.

One above all, the former Australian super supermodel Elle Macpherson. 182 cm high and infinite legs. One that already at the time of its peak in the fashion world, had been nicknamed "The Body", the body for perfect measurements and crazy physicality.

Today, if Kate Moss, Carla Bruni, Christy Turlington, although still beautiful, show some signs of age, she, Elle, two children and 56 years old (57 in March 2021) continues to be the goddess of the 90s.

To those who ask her what her superpowers are, she laughs that the credit goes, in addition to an undeniable genetic fortune, to the famous super Elixir she uses, accompanied by an alkaline diet that she has been following for years. Elle also claimed that she never made use of retouching. Among the secrets of its beauty, in addition to a careful and healthy diet, also a lot of sport.

Meanwhile, Elle, just to emphasize her luck and her title, posted a photo on her Instagram account that portrays her without veils in the pool, showing herself in all her eternal beauty.

At almost 57 years of age he is still, indisputably, "The Body". And there is none for any …

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  • Elle Macpherson: “The body” bionic at 56 years old
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