Elodie and the costume that enchanted the web! Here’s how to copy it!

Elodie costume

Elodie wears a crazy costume, takes a picture, posts it on Instagram and the web is enchanted by her beauty! Let’s discover all the style secrets behind the look worn by the Roman singer and how to copy it at low cost!

We are used to seeing the trendiest looks worn by our favorite influencers on social media, but a noteworthy space definitely goes to her, Elodie, the Roman singer who impressed the audience not only for her pop songs and warm voice, but also for her unique style! In fact, every post published on your Instagram profile literally drives the web crazy!

Elodie costume

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There are very few Italian artists who manage to break into the world of music and be icons of style at the same time.

One of the artists who has certainly made it into both sectors is the singer Elodie.

From the first day on the stage of the most famous talent in Italy, Amici de Maria de Filippi, with her pink hair and round glasses we knew that we should expect great things from her.

And indeed it was: his songs are real hits that accompany our days!

Elodie’s style is fresh and in step with international trends, which binds perfectly with the mood of her songs. It is no coincidence that in a very short time she has become a style icon to be copied!

In fact, today we will see chow to create a look similar to the one worn by Elodie and posted on Instagram! Are you curious? Let’s begin!

Elodie wears the trendiest colorful costume of summer 2022! Here’s how to copy it!

For many, the summer is already over, for others it has yet to begin! Whatever your case, knowing the trends is always the priority to be a true fashion guru. In fact, let’s discover the latest trend in costumes together!

Elodie costume

Photo from Instagram

Elodie recently posted a photo of her sunbathing in a beach bed wearing a swimsuit that didn’t go unnoticed.

Specifically it was di a super colorful bikini model swimsuit from the luxury brand Missoni. The model is the triangle bikini and costs € 370.

The soap and water beauty was accentuated by the bright colors of the costume she wore, but how can we copy it without necessarily spending so much?

One solution is surely SheInwhich offers trendy clothes at super affordable prices.

For example, I have selected for you a colorful tie-dye effect bikini in shades of fuchsia and orange that can be purchased for € 8.00.

A simple and easy way to create an Elodie look! By the way, Don’t you know how to match the right accessories to your look? Here’s how to do it!

Elodie costume

Collage about Canva

The most fashionable style guide of the moment, the one with the license plate, ends for today CheWomanwhich featured Elodie’s breathtaking look!

See you next style guide, to always have fun with fashion!

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