Elodie beyond love: the cover of Marracash’s new album is amazing

Elodie and Marracash put an end to their love story but the mutual respect remained. And she appears on the cover of the new album

True love does not end but is transformed. And this is how Elodie and Marracash have shown a great mutual respect, the one they maintained after the end of their story which seemed to everyone a fairy tale. Life, then, is made up of words and gestures. This is how the rapper wanted to express himself, inserting his ex-girlfriend on the cover of the album that he will surprise release on November 18th.

Elodie, Marracash’s gesture of affection

The choice of Marracash is a demonstration of how important it is to remain true to yourself and to what you have tried. Elodie, in fact, is one of the protagonists of the many stories that she wanted to include in Noi, Them, The Others and it was therefore essential that she appear on the cover, to give meaning to everything and an answer to the texts she thought up for her new study test.

Elodie’s reply was not long in coming and came from the columns of Rolling Stone, to whom she wanted to entrust a long message of esteem and encouragement for the one who is now her ex, driven by “depth, intelligence, awareness that fairy tales do not exist and that reality is much more beautiful, rich and multifaceted “.

The artist has repeatedly stressed how mutual esteem still unites them, despite the fact that love is now a closed chapter and both have moved on. A difficult relationship, theirs, in which both are committed to understanding each other. Elodie, then, has always tried to give him back that serenity that, perhaps, he is still looking for: “I sincerely wish him that, he really deserves it, more than anything else”.

Elodie, the new love is Davide Rossi

That things between Elodie and Marracash weren’t going well has been clear since the end of the summer. On the one hand and on the other, however, we wanted to keep the strictest confidentiality and neither of them went into the details of the reasons that led them to the final breakup after years of love.

For the beautiful Roman singer, a new and wonderful chapter of love has already opened that she is sharing with the model Davide Rossi. The two were photographed together in romantic and therefore unequivocal attitudes. Marracash has categorically denied any sentimental bond with the actress Rosmy, given as his partner after the end of the relationship with Elodie Di Patrizi.

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