Elodie is not there and responds to the insults: the tough outburst on Instagram

Elodie non ci sta e risponde agli insulti: il duro sfogo su Instagram

The singer after the success obtained in Sanremo unleashes herself on Instagram following some very negative comments

Some people on the web manage to bring out all their meanness by hiding behind a keyboard. VIPs and TV personalities know this well, often dealing with vitriolic comments on their private life and, unfortunately even more often, on their physical appearance. This time it was Elodie's turn to deal with nasty comments about her person. The singer is back from the great success she had for having walked the stage of the Sanremo 2021 Festival as co-host: her singing performances were accompanied by splendid outfits that were able to fully enhance her beauty.

Born in 1990, Elodie we saw her debut on the small screen at Amici di Maria De Filippi in 2015 with pink hair, closing her participation in the reality show in second place and winning the Journalist Critics Award. It was in 2009, several years earlier, that however he began to take the first steps to establish himself in the sector, participating in X Factor, where however it was eliminated during the initial stages.

In these days the limelight has turned on her, also following the great success obtained in Sanremo, and so an old video of her audition held for X Factor, when she was only eighteen, appeared on social media. The comments accompanying the video were, however, the most disparate (and bad): Elodie was heavily criticized for her appearance as an immature girl, dressed in modest clothes and so on and so forth.

Within minutes, the singer became aware of it, and recorded a video on her Instagram profile, an answer that leaves no room for many turns of words:

I ended up on a post with a video of the X Factor audition from when I was eighteen and I read some nonsense comments (…) I'm not a trans, but I don't think it's an offense: what's the problem? I don't understand (…) I didn't get it back, and even if it were? (…) I didn't have a penny, I put on trousers and a shirt, I was eighteen. All this to say that in any case there are a lot of frustrated people commenting on the video of an eighteen year old girl. What infinite sadness.

It is no coincidence that it was she who noticed how these comments were generally out of place, giving us, once again, a lesson. She, who just a few days ago on the Ariston stage reminded us of the importance of doing things in life and not waiting to feel up to it. He tried to pursue his dreams despite the difficulties and today we were able to admire his beauty and his skill on the stage of Sanremo, thanks also to his stubbornness. For trying, despite everything, the rest doesn't matter.

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