Elodie tells of her love for Marracash: "Madly in love with him"

Elodie tells of her love for Marracash: "Madly in love with him"

Elodie tells the love for Marracash and an important feeling that has lasted for several years now

Elodie and Marracash, love on Instagram and songs

Elodie tells of love for Marracash and a very strong bond that led them to form one of the most beautiful couples in the world of entertainment. "I think that this is the story of my life that I am living – confessed the thirty-year-old Roman, speaking of the rapper -. There are times when everything fits together perfectly. It happens a few times, indeed, it might never happen, it takes a little luck ".

A love story, the one between the two singers, born during the collaboration for the single Margarita in 2017. Since that first meeting they have never left each other and today they could not be happier. “I don't really know what it means to be a reference couple – Elodie confided -, I just know that I'm in love with him as a human being. I've never loved anyone like that and I'm not ashamed to say it. We don't take ourselves seriously, but we do things very seriously. What then to be serious does not necessarily mean having children or getting married, but respecting each other, growing together ".

Therefore, there does not seem to be a possible marriage on the horizon, even if Elodie has admitted that she considers Marracash the love of her life. The singer has a love story behind her, which lasted about two years, with Lele Esposito, met during her participation in Amici di Maria De Filippi. After conquering everyone in the famous talent, Elodie began a career full of successes and important collaborations. Her Beyoncé-style show captivated audiences, once again demonstrating her enormous talent.

To support her, as always, Marracash, who cheered for her and dedicated words of love to her on social media. “We are extremely different, but with profound similarities, like the places where we were born and raised – Elodie confided some time ago, talking about the relationship with her partner -. For the rest, he is air and I am earth, he is an artist and works with creativity, I am more attached to 'duty'. We are funny, very affectionate, we kill each other with laughter. A nice understanding ".

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