Ema Stokholma, the relationship with the violent mother and the power of forgiveness

Ema Stokholma, the relationship with the violent mother and the power of forgiveness

Ema Stokholma, at 'Today is another day', told of her childhood alongside a violent mother and her desire to overcome the pains of the past

Beautiful, energetic and always ready to give her smile to anyone, Ema Stokholma, born in Morwenn Moguerou, has shown that she has enormous talent, a passion for music and, above all, a great charisma. Behind the joy she has accustomed her fans to, however, hides a difficult, painful past and a mother-daughter relationship that has profoundly marked her.

Growing up in a village in the south of France, Ema Stokholma makes no secret of her complicated childhood, aware that all the wounds, however much they have caused her great suffering, have made her the woman she is today and that so many have learned to love and to appreciate. To tell about her life, she who, after letting herself go in a long interview with Silvia Toffanin, returned to the subject at Today is another day, demonstrating all her strength.

Ema, in fact, suffered physical and psychological violence within the walls of the house by the one who, most of all, should have protected her: her mother, who in turn grew up in a violent family. All this took place in the general silence of the people who surrounded the family unit:

I felt a great loneliness, even my brother. You feel really misunderstood, things happen to you at home and you don't understand why there is this silence on the part of teachers and social workers. You feel lonely, because you grow up like this and you don't trust anyone.

Ema's strength can be felt already in her childhood. Despite the violence she suffered, the accusations from her mother who was probably experiencing very strong psychological distress, the disc jockey managed to develop a strong personality, the awareness of not being guilty and the desire to interact with others.

An extraordinarily lucid story, that of Ema, who over the years, even making a mistake and hitting bottom, has faced a path to be able to live with the pains of the past. But not only that, he also manages to take a step further, not obvious, and to show forgiveness and understanding where one would only expect resentment:

When I last saw her, she couldn't even look me in the face. And I think there was no need to rage, my mother was really sick, she needed help. A person who is well does not do these things.

Ema Stockholma, who told everything in the book 'For my good', faces her present every day, carrying the weight of the past on her shoulders and trying to make the most of her experiences and improve herself. A real example of how learning to love yourself can help build a peaceful and happy life.

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