Embarrassing things all couples do, including yours

Embarrassing things all couples do, including yours

Who knows how many times you have done it too. Each couple has their own rituals and together they do things that they would never admit because they are too embarrassing.

They all do it but obviously they don’t say it because they are intimate, private and even a little creepy. It is the nature of the couple, the time, the familiarity and the confidence that lead the partners to share many things even more than they should.

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In fact, according to the advice that many relationship experts dispense via the web, the couple should keep their confidentiality on some things, for example they advise against avoiding sharing. farts and burps and never share the bathroom while the other is intent on cleaning up his intestines. It’s not very sexy to think about your partner while he needs her. Yet life as a couple makes us do many things, let’s say of undoubted taste, and we are sure that in the following list there are many things that you do too.

Here are the things you do in a relationship that you don’t dare to admit

You couldn’t wait to find love by taking romantic walks, watching TV series with friends, having someone to go out for dinner with and someone to fill with kisses. Who would have thought that months after your relationship started, you would have shared things you didn’t even dare to imagine. It’s the rough side of the couple and it’s about all those weird things you do together and never talk about. Here is the list of the embarrassing things that all couples do in secret!

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Heal each other
The other becomes our confidant and sometimes even our doctor. If you have a bump in a dark corner of your body who do you ask to take a look to understand what it is? Hemorrhoids, canker sores and who knows what else, there are no secrets for the partner.

Walk around half naked, even if the partner usually sees us without clothes walking around half-naked in an improper way is not the best.

Sharing body sweat
Usually the sweat and the body odor of other people does not please us, we can not say or the same of the sweat of the partner with whom we sweat willingly especially under the sheets.

Share the toothbrush. If for some it is too disgusting for others it is routine. Many couples don’t mind sharing a toothbrush. Why bother with a toothbrush after waking up kissing before brushing your teeth?

Go to the toilet with the bathroom door open. This intimate moment becomes an opportunity to have long chats. It is as if these needs are inspirational.

Play with each other’s hair. Stroking each other’s hair is not embarrassing but often couples improvise hairdressers and that’s how she cuts his hair and he straightens her hair.

Rub your feet. All couples do it, rub their feet, tenderly. A way like any other to establish contact.

Wear each other’s clothes.

Squeeze your partner’s pimples and as if that weren’t embarrassing enough it often follows the hunting for ingrown hairs which are carefully pulled out of each other’s skin.

We conclude the list staying on the subject of hair with the sharing of famazon oresta. If at the beginning of the relationship shaving was a priority over time it becomes an option. In fact, the partner has seen worse things than us according to the list.

Who knows how many other embarrassing things couples do that no one dares to admit.

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