Emily Ratajkowski, blonde twist: she is even more beautiful

Emily Ratajkowski, blonde twist: she is even more beautiful

Emily Ratajkowski becomes blonde and posts the result on Instagram: even more beautiful than before, she ecstats the followers

Distracted by the telenovelas Belen-De Martino and by Rita Dalla Chiesa who would like to exterminate the Chinese people, we noticed the news of the moment late: Emily Ratajkowski has become blonde, with a drastic change of look that has thrown social media.

It was enough that the influencer model posted on her Instagram profile the shots of the new color and a video in which she winks at the camera so that all the tabloids took the news and the video totaled 3 million views.

Born in 1991, the model came to success in 2013 by appearing in the Blurred Lines music video, a success by Robin Thicke. In the clip Emily wore only a flesh-colored thong and was topless. From that moment her ascent began and the top turned into a social star. Always rigorously undressed and with curves generously exhibited

On the other hand, as she has repeatedly stated in the interviews, Emily grew up in a very open family: daughter of an English literature teacher and a Polish painter and art teacher, raised between London and San Diego, she has been used to from small to not having taboos. She has always frequented nudist beaches with her parents and for her father's artistic work, she has often been in contact with various female nude figures. For this reason, he says he feels comfortable undressed, and considers naked normality, not vulgarity.

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