Emma, ​​love that is transformed: the message to Stefano De Martino

Emma Marrone, il messaggio a De Martino

A tender message, that of Emma dedicated to her ex De Martino on Instagram: love can have various forms. And the singer proves it

Sanremo 2022, Emma at the Festival: her looks as a valley, super guest and competitor

Sanremo 2022, Emma at the Festival: her looks as a valley, super guest and competitor

Emma Marrone and Stefano De Martino, one of the most loved couples over the years by thousands of girls who in 2009 followed the edition of Amici in which they had participated, but not only. The singer and the presenter have been the center of attention for a very long time and their relationship has always seemed troubled, only to see a glimmer of the phantom “good relations” on the horizon. The path will certainly have been long, but today Emma seems a woman totally aware and far from that much suffered love: so much, that she published a tender message on Instagram for her ex, causing a bit of confusion on social media.

Emma Marrone, love as a memory and without rancor

A story on Instagram that almost would have gone unnoticed, if only it weren’t that Emma Marrone addressed a message to her ex-boyfriend Stefano De Martino.

The former dancer, who has long been dedicated to conducting and receiving a lot of acclaim, is at the helm of the Bar Stella, the variety consisting of 4 episodes that airs on Rai Due in the late evening. During the first episode, here comes an Instagram story from the profile of Emma Marrone, who took the TV from the sofa, showing everyone what she was watching. “Proud”, wrote the singer taking up and mentioning De Martino. Proud, therefore, of her career which has actually borne many fruits in recent years.

Someone wonders if Emma is, after all, always anchored to her great love, as if she were an obsession despite many years have passed. There are those, however, who look at the other side of the coin and can only see Emma as a mature woman, capable and capable of conceiving love and affection in other forms. Because Emma, ​​after all, has shown over the years that she is a good person and without rancor, and this is demonstrated by the fact that she has passed over betrayal, probably understanding with time that the situations, contexts and young age that De Martino at the time were different, but above all that there is always room for forgiveness, affection and above all civil relations. Also because Emma, ​​let’s face it, doesn’t seem like a person capable of hating and holding a grudge.

Emma and Stefano, the story that marked TV

It is undeniable that Stefano De Martino was one of Emma’s greatest loves, if not the greatest. Born among the school desks, those of Amici di Maria De Filippi, the story between the singer and the former dancer is known to everyone because of the media chaos that arose at the time. For those who, for whatever reason, do not know what we are talking about, we could sum it all up with a single concept: in 2012, Stefano De Martino cheated on Emma Marrone with the showgirl Belen Rodriguez.

A critical period for Emma, ​​who in those weeks was facing the challenge of Amici Big on TV and for the occasion had given everyone a performance that we will always remember: a cover of the song by Riccardo Cocciante, Bella senz’anima. A masterful interpretation, her, which driven by pain and disappointment had managed to get a standing ovation without knowing, perhaps, that even after ten years her performance would always be remembered and always positively.

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