Emma, ​​Paola Turci's anger: "Attacked by those who are worthless"

Emma, ​​Paola Turci's anger: "Attacked by those who are worthless"

Paola Turci is furious and attacks the haters who have insulted Emma Marrone

While Emma continues her recovery after the operation and the stop for health reasons, Paola Turci defends her from the haters.

The last period was not at all simple for the singer who had to deal not only with the illness, but also with the wickedness of some people who wished her death and criticized her, even writing on the Instagram profile of Nadia Toffa, passed away due to a tumor last August. Despite everything, Emma made it and a few days ago on social media announced that she had made an operation.

Now she begins a period of convalescence during which she will have to rest and think of herself before returning to the stage and of the fans who love her so much. In recent weeks Marrone has experienced not only the wickedness of haters, but also the immense affection of his colleagues. From Maria De Filippi to Marco Bocci, to Alessandra Amoroso, many have written to her ready to show their support for her.

Among them also Paola Turci, who was upset and annoyed by the perfidy of some people on social media, as she told during an interview with Francesca Fialdini during the program Da noi … A Ruota libera.

"Emma is not a strong girl, very strong, extraordinary – the artist, who is very friendly with Marrone, has revealed. A young girl who seems to have lived more lives, teaches me, that I am greater than her, the determination, the will to go on despite everything. For this big heart of his – he added, hurling himself against the haters -, for this sweet heart of his he is targeted by those who have nothing compared to her ".

Strong words that show how Emma, ​​with her strength and courage, but also managed to touch the hearts of so many people who knew her and appreciated her.

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