Emma, ​​the recovery from the disease: "I started to breathe"

Emma, ​​the recovery from the disease: "I started to breathe"

Emma Marrone is officially cured of her illness: she herself announced it in a long interview

Emma, ​​36 and "I'm hotter now than before"

Emma Marrone is officially cured of her illness: she herself announced it in a long interview with the weekly Grazia. The news obviously reassured the fans who have followed her for many years, and who have always supported her with great affection.

In the interview, the singer said: "A fortnight ago the phone rang and it was my doctor. I thought: here we go again. I figured you had to start all over again. Instead he told me that, on the basis of the latest tests, I have definitely recovered from the disease. In that instant I died and rose again ".

In a direct Instagram, in connection with Grazia, Emma talked about her recovery and that phone call that she called "the most beautiful" of her life:

I got out of this painful path and I won! Maybe at that moment I finally started to breathe deeply, because I had this “rump” in my throat for years. Now I'm happy, I'm finally happy!

During the interview, the Salento singer also admitted that she wanted to represent women "with scars", the imperfect and the survivors. After all, it has always been one of her strengths: Emma has always been appreciated for her showing herself without filters, for her genuineness and sensitivity of mind:

I often show myself without make-up, in overalls, as are all girls who live alone, who work, who sometimes do not have the time to be perfectly made up, always well dressed. I like being able to represent a real woman with her stretch marks, with her belly, with water retention, because you have to be proud of who we are, always.

The singer also wanted to confess about her past, telling of the very strong bond with her brother Checco, whom she considers almost like a twin:

Our relationship is wonderful, also the result of the teaching of our parents, who have always pushed us to talk and share. Everything I do I do thinking of him: he is a boy with a huge heart, who has always been busy, with his head in the right place. I am proud of him, because brothers are not chosen. You have to be lucky and above all learn to build these relationships that last a lifetime.

Obviously, we could not fail to talk about Marrone's next adventure, that of the X Factor judge: "I hope to be honest and consistent, to have the ability to understand and not stop at appearances. I hope to do my job well, that the boys appreciate what I will try to give them ".

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