Emma and Amoroso celebrate their first song together on Instagram

Emma and Amoroso celebrate their first song together on Instagram

Emma Marrone and Alessandra Amoroso recorded their first song together: on Instagram they celebrate with a beautiful photo and sweet dedications

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Emma Marrone and Alessandra Amoroso have known each other for many years and, as they have publicly demonstrated several times, they are great friends. On the other hand, to unite them, there is a passion for music and a shared professional path: both, albeit in different editions, have participated and won the talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi.

It has happened several times, therefore, in the past, to see Emma and Alessandra laughing, joking and singing together. The two, however, had a dream in common that, finally, they managed to realize: to record a song together. Their joy was enormous, as was that of the fans who, on social networks, celebrated with them and showed enthusiasm.

'Piece of heart', this is the name of their first song. This was announced by Emma and Alessandra, who on Instagram posted the same black and white photo in which they were immortalized together. They smile and hug each other to celebrate this important and desired moment in their careers:

Two completely different girls – said Emma -, two parallel stories, a shared passion for music. We have carried out our projects and we have always supported each other and today we are here together … 'Piece of heart' is our song, your song! We have joined our worlds to create a new one where there is a place for all the people who like us love music and sharing.

Words that also reflect the feelings of Alessandra Amoroso who also wanted to thank all the fans who have always supported and encouraged her to turn their passion into a real job. Finally, he made a sweet dedication to his colleague and friend:

We confided in each other, watched from afar, supported, listened to our silences while everything outside screamed! Thank you my piece of heart. Our adventure begins.

In short, a wonderful surprise that the two singers wanted to give their supporters. 'Piece of heart', there is no doubt, it will be a success and will celebrate the deep bond between Emma and Alessandra in the best possible way. They are also supported by numerous colleagues and personalities from the world of entertainment, including Melissa Satta and Giordana Angi.

Will Alessandra Amoroso and Emma Marrone also succeed in realizing the dream of being able to go up on stage together again in this new year?

Emma Marrone Alessandra Amoroso

Emma Marrone's post on Instagram to announce her first song with Alessandra Amoroso.

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