Emma Marrone and Alessandra Amoroso duet, the emotional reaction of Maria De Filippi

Emma Marrone and Alessandra Amoroso duet, the emotional reaction of Maria De Filippi

Emma Marrone and Alessandra Amoroso duet, the emotional reaction of Maria De Filippi

Emma, ​​the disease and the courage to win, at any cost

Emma Marrone and Alessandra Amoroso duet and Maria De Filippi's reaction could only be exciting. The two singers in fact achieved success thanks to Amici and both have built an excellent bond with the presenter. Maria has never hidden that she has a special relationship with Emma and Alessandra, so much so that both have often been guests of her broadcasts.

As happened with Stefano De Martino, also Marrone and Amoroso have often confided in De Filippi, asking for both professional and sentimental advice, and considering her as a "second mother". Emma has been among the coaches of Amici in several editions and has replaced Morgan after her sudden farewell to the program, running to the aid of the presenter. Maria was among the first people who supported the singer when she had to face the battle against cancer again, writing her a moving letter to encourage her to fight.

Alessandra has repeatedly confessed in public that she has a unique relationship with De Filippi and was excited to tears upon her return to Amici. Now, ten years after the show that changed their lives, Marrone and Amoroso have decided to make a song together. It's called Piece of the Heart and the first to have the good news was Maurizio Costanzo's wife. "Maria was very happy to see her 'daughters' together," confessed the singers. The presenter would have been moved, discovering the existence of a duet. A very emotional moment for Alessandra and Emma who have always considered Maria as an important point of reference in their existence.

"When I listened to the song, I immediately felt it as a conversation between her and me," confessed Alessandra Amoroso. "We all ask ourselves questions about love, it is the thing that makes the world move – confessed Emma -. By doing this job we understood that when you learn to love yourself then you learn to love others. Sometimes I've given myself blame that I didn't have. At 36 I made peace with myself and I love myself much more. I became less rigid and the others found a gap of light to enter slowly ”.

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