Emma Marrone: “De Martino a disappointment? I do not answer"

Emma Marrone: “De Martino a disappointment? I do not answer"

Emma Marrone confides in the program Interview by Maurizio Costanzo, also talking about love and Stefano De Martino

Emma Marrone talks about Canale Cinque, host of the program "L’Intervista" by Maurizio Costanzo. The Salentine singer told her career, starting from the beginning: "Even if I hadn't gone to Amici I would have done it," he explained. The interpreter of "My city" also spoke about her private life. Among the topics addressed are those of love and the dream of having a child.

Some time ago Emma Marrone had revealed the desire to have a child even without a companion next door. "I feel in a position to support certain choices," he explained. A woman does not need a partner to experience motherhood ".

The singer has been single for some time and the desire to have someone close is strong. "I would like to go home and find someone," he said. I would like to share my life with a person I love ”.

Inevitable questions about his most important relationships, the one with Marco Bocci, but also with Fabio Borriello and obviously Stefano De Martino.

"Today Stefano De Martino has his life, I mine – he said -. We worked together. With Marco Bocci I have a good relationship, I also met Laura Chiatti and we became very friendly. Fabio Borriello has arrived, it was a coincidence and I don't deny anything. Today I would like to go on ”.

"Was Stefano De Martino a disappointment?" Asked Maurizio Costanzo. "I don't answer," Emma said.

"I cry very little – said Emma -. Only when things really hurt me and when people lie to me. I also cry of happiness. The last time it happened when in Sanremo, Elodie sang my song. "

Strong, independent and always ready to say what she thinks, Emma Marrone also spoke about those who criticized her and spoke ill of her. "I react because I find it unfair to be criticized by those who do not know me," he said. They talk about my life without knowing ”.

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