Emma Marrone reveals the truth about the alleged boyfriend Nikolai Danielsen

Emma Marrone reveals the truth about the alleged boyfriend Nikolai Danielsen

Emma Marrone gives clarity to gossip about the alleged boyfriend Nikolai Danielsen

Emma Marrone breaks the silence and reveals the whole truth about the alleged boyfriend Nikolai Danielsen. This summer the singer had been paparazzi in the company of the Norwegian model. The two had spent a holiday in Capri with some friends and the strong feeling, including boat trips and dinners, was not missed.

No coincidence Nikolai had been indicated immediately as the new love of Emma, ​​arrived after a long period as a single and several relationships ended badly. The first, the one with Stefano De Martino, now happily married to Belen Rodriguez, then Marco Bocci, who later fell in love with Laura Chiatti, and Fabio, brother of Marco Borriello.

In a long interview with Vanity Fair, Emma told about her battle against cancer, but also her desire for love, revealing that she is still single and looking for the right person.

"I miss being loved, absolutely yes," the singer confessed, suggesting that she was single. "Love is when you risk sending your life to pu because your goal is to love – he said -. I will always continue to see it this way and I will probably always lose out. If you put stakes you don't love ".

"If you put stakes you are evaluating – he said – and love is when you don't evaluate anything: being with that person, making love to us, staying on the couch to watch a movie you don't care about just being there with him. I'll probably be alone for life, but I don't want to change my view of love. I live in a world where there is so much appearance and where hell is hidden under the carpet of virtually happy relationships. I prefer solitude to that kind of relationship ”.

So no love story with Nikolai Danielsen, but the desire for a great love that turns her life upside down. Emma is finally back, after the fear of illness, operation and treatment, and is stronger than ever, ready to take up her existence again. The Fortuna record is about to be released and will soon be back on stage to the delight of fans.

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