Emma Marrone, the chilling comment on Nadia Toffa's post. It's time to stop

Emma Marrone, the chilling comment on Nadia Toffa's post. It's time to stop

A wave of social hatred and a chilling comment that we can't ignore: sorry Emma for what you're undergoing

A chilling comment on Emma Marrone appearing on the last, painful, post Instagram by Nadia Toffa leaves us speechless and leads us to a deep and dramatic reflection.

Health problems were not enough, the haters have made this period even more difficult for Emma Marrone. Tireless and without hesitation, they thought to attack her right now that she is more fragile. Only a few days ago the singer announced the stop at the concerts, confessing to not feeling well and needing time.

"I promise I'll come back stronger than before! There are too many beautiful things to live together. Now I close the accounts once and for all with this story and then I'll come back to you "wrote Emma and the thought of many went to the struggle of Marrone against cancer. The first operation a few months after the debut at Amici and the second in 2014 after a routine check.

Emma has never been afraid to talk about her battle with the disease, how to make important decisions and uncomfortable positions. She has always been herself, sincere and sincere, but this has not gone down to many. Because strong characters like her, women who do not fear the judgment of others, often divide. It also happened to Nadia Toffa, who found herself, despite herself, having to face increasingly cruel criticisms and insinuations.

Even when she was too sick even to respond, when she kept smiling, despite everything, she was not spared a wave of increasingly violent hatred. The story was repeated with Emma who, after the announcement of health problems, experienced not only the enormous affection of fans and friends on her skin, but also the cruelty of the people.

Strangers who spit out sentences, write bad comments, wish death, without even stopping to think, without thinking about what they are creating. And after the anger of Laura Pausini against those who wished her death and the outburst of Muccino, in these hours the social hatred touched her lowest point ever. In the last post published on the Instagram profile of Nadia Toffa, the one in which her family, with delicacy and great dignity, said goodbye, a chilling message appeared.

"The next one will be Emma Marrone" we read and the chills come. Because one wonders who is capable of writing such a sentence, which monster can generate so much malice. Because if to think of such a thing is frightening, to write it is even more so: without fear of the consequences, without the fear of hurting or making mistakes, thanks to that screen that protects.

And it is so terrible that ignoring all this has become impossible: it is time to stop with this social hatred, it is time to act and to stem those who do evil with words, those who hurt only for the pleasure of doing so. Because defending a girl like Emma, ​​who is only fighting her battle, is an obligation and probably this society, where hatred and intolerance are ever stronger, has failed to do so. Therefore excuse splendid and courageous Emma. And sorry, too, Nadia.

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