Emma Marrone, the haters wish her death. Laura Pausini spoke

Emma Marrone, the haters wish her death. Laura Pausini spoke

The haters wish Emma Marrone the worst and Laura Pausini intervenes to defend her.

The haters attack Emma Marrone after the stop was announced due to health problems, wishing her death and Laura Pausini intervenes, defending her.

The singer was among the first colleagues who supported Emma after a poignant message appeared on her Instagram profile. The former Amici winner claimed to have to stop due to health problems and the thought of all went to the difficult battle he has already faced in the past against cancer.

The Brown has never hidden that she fought the evil twice. The first one a few months after entering the Amici school, so much so as to have participated in the specimens still with bandages and a bust with splints, the second in 2014 when, during a check-up visit, he discovered that the disease had returned.

Emma promised her fans that she will be back soon and said she was happy. Despite this, the apprehension is great and on Instagram the singer has received numerous messages of support, from friends and colleagues. Among these are Maria De Filippi, the former Marco Bocci and Laura Pausini. The latter intervened to defend her from a hater who wished her death, writing a chilling message under one of her posts.

"Oops, does that mean he's back? – it is read -. There's no two without three. All deserved, truck driver. And who knows how this time will end. Goodbye". The comment did not go unnoticed: simil's interpreter decided not to remain silent, but to respond to the verbal violence of the hater. "But who is he who writes a stuff like that? – he wrote -. Report it, I did it. "

Shortly thereafter, Gabriele Muccino was the one who intervened, who lashed out against those who insulted Emma by mocking her for her illness and recalling her position regarding migrants.

"Emma Marrone committed to fighting the disease perhaps now will not have time to insult Salvini" someone wrote, while others added: "Have you returned? Everyone has what he deserves TRUCKER "or" It is useless for you now to do all the virtuous and defend the indefensible. This stupid girl thought she was putting herself in sight by insulting Salvini in her concerts, she probably drew the accidents of so many people on her and some accident happened … well she is. In the next life he learns to keep quiet and not to do politics, which is not his job. That she is sick I do not give a damn about anything, in fact, I repeat, well she is ”.

Muccino, who met Emma thanks to his new film, wrote: "Insult me, men with a heart full of worms".

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