Emma Marrone, the pain for the dog Gaetano: "You left a huge void"

Emma Marrone, the pain for the dog Gaetano: "You left a huge void"

Emma Marrone entrusted her dog Gaetano to her social media profiles, writing a touching message

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Emma Marrone greeted her beloved dog Gaetano for the last time on Instagram. And he did it with a touching and affectionate post: the bulldog was known to fans of the Salento artist, who often shared shots in his company.

Emma's dog lived with her parents, and whenever her commitments allowed her, she came back to visit him to spend carefree and happy moments with him. Now he will no longer be able to do it, as he wrote on his social profiles:

When I get home for Christmas you won't be there. Today we told you Goodbye Gaetano. You have been one of the best gifts in life. You made us smile, you loved us without limits and you taught us what it means to love.

The singer wanted to emphasize how important the dog Gaetano was for her, and how it was a fundamental part of her life:

You are and will always be a piece of our family. You left a huge void. But you made us better people. Hello my love. Thanks for everything ❤️

"My favorite person", so the artist had defined his Gaetano in an old post. Lots of supportive comments from followers and friends of singers and the world of entertainment, which made Emma feel all their closeness. From Syria to Annalisa, passing through Veronica Peparini and Stefano De Martino, who left a red heart as a comment on the photo.

And again Simona Ventura, who wrote “I embrace you! I am truly a very important part of every family ", Alessandra Amoroso, who left her the comment" Always with you, with you ", and then her colleagues and friends Laura Pausini and Elisa, who showed her all their affection through their words to keep.

A bad blow for the singer: back from Milan for the Christmas holidays after the adventure at X Factor, Emma would have returned to her hometown, Lecce, to spend the holidays with her parents and brother. Waiting for her, as always, should also have been the bulldog Gaetano, her companion in adventures, beside her for many years.

Even in her stories, the singer from Salento wanted to publish a photo of her dog that has just passed away, accompanied by a red heart.

Emma Marrone

Emma Marrone with the dog Gaetano. Source: Instagram

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