Emma Marrone turns her birthday and gives herself a Best of: the best wishes

Emma Marrone turns her birthday and gives herself a Best of: the best wishes

Emma Marrone celebrated her birthday by announcing a wonderful news to the fans

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Emma Marrone has decided to celebrate her birthday with a new album dedicated to her path and to all those who have always followed her with affection throughout her career. The singer announced on Instagram the release of her first collection of hits, a best of that contains the best songs from her beginnings to today.

Best of ME. It is a point of arrival, but it is also a new starting point. It is the summary of what I have achieved in these 10 years and a reflection on what still needs to be done. It is the best part of me that I want to give to you, my BROWN CREW.

On 25 May last year a big party was scheduled at the Verona Arena, a concert to thank the fans for having been with her for all these years. Unfortunately, the pandemic has changed its programs, like those of all the artists of the Italian scene (and not only) and so this year, on her birthday, Emma has decided to celebrate all the steps she has taken to get up to here:

What I hope for the next 10 years is to continue to be free from judgments and prejudices, to continue to be courageous, to always be able to seize opportunities, even those that are most frightening. Because in life you never stop learning. And I want to continue doing it, for all those who, however, can no longer.
I want to keep chasing my dreams. Because I am convinced that with art and beauty we will be able to be better. ❤️

After announcing the news to fans, Marrone wanted to thank the fans for all the affection received: "You're making me all cry – she said in some stories on Instagram – too many messages, too much love, my heart is bursting! I love you!".

Obviously there was no shortage of greetings from colleagues and closest friends: from Elodie to Tiziano Ferro, passing through Miriam Leone, Alessia Marcuzzi, Nicoletta Romanoff, Elisabetta Canalis, without forgetting Alessandra Amoroso, who left her written: "Greetings, piece of heart “, Accompanied by the emoji of a red heart.

Emma Marrone

Emma Marrone, the announcement to the fans

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