Emma Marrone’s glamorous makeup, the inspiration for summer evenings

Emma marrone make up

The glamorous makeup worn by Emma Marrone at the recent Gucci event is all to be copied (and maybe a little corrected). This is how it reproduces!

Emma Marrone has been for several years one of the testimonials of Gucci fashion and beauty. It is therefore no surprise that she was invited to the very recent fashion show of the Maison and that she was made up with Gucci Beauty products.

Emma brown make up


The make up that was created on her perfectly follows some of the main trends of the moment, so it is a make-up that is both classic and contemporary.

It can be said to be suitable for any elegant occasion, provided, however, that it is evening events.

In fact, make-up is everything focused on lip makeup, to which eye makeup is only a beautiful complement.

How do you recreate Emma Marrone’s glamorous eye makeup?

To begin with, it is worth dwelling on perfect make-up base which was made on Emma’s skin.

make up emma brown


It’s about a face base in full Gucci style, that is homogeneous and very bright. However, we must keep in mind what the starting step is. Emma has one mature skin with many freckles and sun spots.

Although the singer often shows herself without make-up and therefore with all her freckles in full view, in this case the discolorations of the skin have been carefully covered.

To do this it is necessary use a very opaque peach concealer that is able to minimize the darkest and most evident spots. Later you will have to cover dark circles with a special colored corrector and only then apply the foundation.

With regard to the best foundation for mature skin is the one from fluid and possibly moisturizing texture. In this way the skin will remain hydrated and compact for a long time, without the small expression lines becoming more evident.

To prevent the product from accumulating right in the fine lines it is the use of the beauty blender is fundamental. Dabbing the face with the moistened sponge, in fact, you will be able to eliminate product excesses and get a super natural look.

Eye and lip makeup

The contrast makeup has been depopulating in recent times. It’s about a color matching technique that approaches very light colors to very intense colors.

Often we even go towards complementary colors or almost, proposing for example yellow eyeshadow and purple lipstick, but this is not the case.

For Emma’s eye makeup he pointed to a very simple light pink bright eyeshadow which was also applied to the upper eyelid. The reason is that Emma has hooded and downward eyes, therefore to point out the color that is used on his eyes, one cannot only make up the mobile eyelid (that is, the one that actually covers the eye).

To emphasize the look, a very simple winged eyes, that is the “winged eyes” that stand out thanks to one eye liner line made to perfection.

Since, as already mentioned Emma has her eyes down, this make-up doesn’t suit her very well, but Gucci tends not to make “corrective” make-up. The maison prefers to enhance the particularities of each face.

How should we wear makeup if our eyes are similar in shape? Here are all the tips and mistakes to avoid!

Finally, we come to the strong point of make up: the lip makeup. It is a really flashy makeup, which is based on the perfect application of a very dark lipstick.

It is a very dark cold red which makes Emma’s skin appear warmer and brighter.

It is worth specifying that this type of color makes the lips appear smaller. For this reason, such a dark lipstick is mainly suitable for those who have very plump lips or that uses the overline technique without any problems.

When using products with such intense color it is it is essential to apply them correctly and without smudging, even managing to make one precise and perfectly symmetrical shape. The advice in this case is to always accentuate the cupid’s bow instead of hiding it: in this way the lips will have a more interesting shape to look at, more “hypnotic” and less “sausage”!

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